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Subscription & Memberships FAQ

What is Cricut Access™?

Cricut Access™ gives you monthly or yearly access to the Cricut® Image Library of over 30,000 non-licensed* images, 1,000 projects, and 370 fonts. 

In Design Space®, images, fonts, and Make It Now™ projects that are included in Cricut Access™ will appear with the Cricut Access™ symbol (this symbol will appear whether or not Cricut Access™ is active on your account): 

Cricut Access Symbol 1

But that's not all! Other benefits include: 

  • Exclusive images for Cricut Access™ members only.
  • 10% off all orders on and Design Space®.  
    • Please note: Purchase discount does not apply to purchases of Cricut Access™, or iOS in-app purchases. The 10% discount on orders is not curently available for

*At this time, licensing agreements disallow Disney, Sesame Street, Autodesk, and other licensed content in Cricut Access™. 

How much does Cricut Access™ cost?

Cricut Access™ is available in as a reoccurring monthly or yearly payment.

The pricing for each option is as follows:

  • US and Canada

    • Monthly payment US$9.99/month
    • Yearly payment US$95.88/year - equivalent to US$7.99/month
  • UK
    • Monthly payment £7.49/month
    • Yearly payment £71.88/year - equivalent to £5.99/month

Does my Cricut Access™ plan renew automatically?

For your convenience, Cricut Access™ plans automatically renew every 30 or 365 days for monthly or yearly plans respectively. You can cancel this automatic renewal at any time through your account.

Are there different levels of Cricut Access™ that include different items?

The monthly and yearly Cricut Access™ plans include access to the same content and benefits. The only difference between the monthly and yearly plans is the duration of the billing cycle.

What is the Cricut Circle?

Cricut Circle is a yearly membership available to customers in the U.S. and Canada, that gives members a Circle exclusive cartridge, 10% off of orders, and free shipping on orders over $50.00.

Does my Cricut Access™ discount combine with my Cricut Circle discount?

Cricut Circle members with an active Cricut Access™ plan will receive 20% off all orders on and Design Space®.

What is the Cricut Rewards program?

Cricut Rewards is a free program that allows you to save up Rewards points that come with certain cartridges released after August 2008, and redeem them for items on Simply go to, create an account, then click on the How to EARN points link on the bottom left of the page.